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Equipment & Machine Design

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Equipment & Machine Design
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Equipment Machines
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Pace Sorter
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Shavers Drillers Tappers
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Transfer Headers
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Slotters Headers
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Specially designed Double Drill Tapper

The Acme Screw Corporation have hundreds of production machines. The majority of our equipment, for the variety our processes (heading slotting, rolling, etc.), is purchased from specific equipment manufacturers. Following a full analysis of our customer's specific needs, we have designed and produced specialized equipment to automate an assembly for a finished product. One example of a current part we produce, is an assembly that includes a shoulder screw, a flat washer, and a copolymer wheel. The end product is a dish rack roller assembly used in an automatic dishwasher.

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Equipment & Machine Design Capabilities

Capabilities Assembly
Drill & Tapping
Equipment List Straighten and Cut|3/16 - ½" dia. Up to 48" long
Drill & Tapping
  • Hundreds of production machines
  • Willingness to add to capacity
  • Internal tool design and fabrication
  • Flexible lead times
  • ERP System
  • On-time delivery
Component Assemblies
Design Assistance
Global Sourcing / Strategic Partners
Make/Buy Capability
Manufacturing Engineering Support
Proven ILM Programs
Professional Organizations
Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA)
Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI)
Management Association of Illinois (MAI)
Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA)
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

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