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Precision Metal Forming of a 1022 Steel Terminal for the Electrical Industry

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Metal Forming of a Steel Terminal

Knowing Acme Screw Corporation's reputation for complex jobs that save client's money, a customer in the electrical industry came to us in need of precision metal forming of a 1022 steel terminal. The formed end was originally a stamping, welded onto a threaded rod. We formed the stamping by upsetting the end of a .445" diameter rod in order to obtain a cross shape after flattening. We then pierced the hole and trimmed excess material prior to bending up the ears, which was done with in-process induction annealing. The parts were threaded, and finally finished with zinc plating and hexavalent free clear chromate. The thread was ½-13 UNC 2A. The length of the steel terminal measured 13.360" and the width was .980", maintaining tolerances of +.000/-.004". Upon completion of all processes and receipt of the part, our client found that we saved them a significant amount of money. We also met all of their needs and executed the job flawlessly.

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Precision Metal Forming of 1022 Steel Terminal Project Highlights

Product Description This steel terminal is used within an electrical application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Cold Heading
Metal Forming
  • Flatten
  • Trim & Pierce
  • Bend
  • Roll
Heat Treatment
  • Anneal
  • Zinc Plate & Hexavalent Free Clear Chromate
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 13.360"
Width: .980"
Thread: ½-13 UNC 2A
Tightest Tolerances +.000/-.004"
Material Used 1022 Steel
Material Finish Zinc Plated & Hexavalent Free Clear Chromate
Industry for Use Electrical
Manufacturing Location Greenville, Mississippi
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Steel Electrical Terminal

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